Note to Owners:
 A Tenant/Guest Registration Approval form must be filled out for every renter and turned into the Surf Club I office at least 5 business days prior to the  renters anticipated arrival date. See the FORMS page of this web site to get a copy.

 Check out the Matanzas Shores Owners Website for Area Attractions and On-Going Activities

Check out the Matanzas Shores Owners Website for Area Attractions and On-Going Activities

The Surf Club 1 Short List details the rules that need to be observed by all.

The Surf Club 1 Rules and Regulations document contains a detailed explanation of the rules and regulations that need to be observed.

The Owner FAQ document contains frequently asked questions for the owners.

Owner Information


CHAMOIS & NOODLES - Please be sure to install your chamois and noodles in your slider tracks to prevent water intrusion into the building.
SLIDER TRACK CLEANING - Please perform regular maintenance cleaning of your slider track, ideally once a month, no less than four times per year.
WINDOW LOCKS - Please lock both locks on all regular windows to prevent water intrusion.
MAIN WATER TURN-OFF - Please turn off your main water valve when leaving for two or more days.
PATIO FURNITURE - Please remove furniture from patio and store inside your unit when leaving for two or more days.
ELECTRICAL FUSES - The in-unit electrical fuses are approximately 17 years old and will require replacement shortly.
TOILET FLAPPER - Inspect the flapper valve and check that the water valve, located under the exterior portion of the tank, is completely open when in use.
SHOPPING CARTS - Please return shopping carts back to the garage where you found them.  It is YOUR responsibility and a courtesy for your fellow neighbors.
NO SMOKING IN LOBBY - Please be advised that smoking is not allowed in Surf Club I lobby.
POOL GATE - Please keep pool gate closed at all times.  Leaving it open is a violation of county and state statues.

These Friendly Reminders can be printed if you would like a hard copy.